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Eater ~ Sure, you could put an engagement ring in a ring box like some kind of normal boring person, but… This $55,000 Cupcake Had Better Be Really Delicious

Eatocracy ~ Some sushi lovers are extending their passion for Japanese cuisine into the world of arts and crafts… Sushi feeds a passion for crafting ~ The Museum of Arts and Design’s new show serves as a poignant reminder of the fragile, fleeting nature of art and life… The Other Ash Can School

yumsugar ~ Whenever you’re complaining about the ferocity of Winter, just remember things are much, much colder… ~ Russian Dishes and Ingredients ~ What happens when 33 of the world’s best chefs come together to cook their hearts out?… Best of the Food Fest

The Atlantic ~ An ambitious design dissection on the beloved carb staple… Pasta by Design: Exploring the Geometric Shapes of Noodles

ABC News ~ South Africa’s charismatic anti-apartheid leader and former president Nelson Mandela inspired devotion from many… Nelson Mandela’s Chef Shares Recipes and Secret Ingredient

Grist ~ Can a new word change an entire industry?… Lexicon of Sustainability: Cage free vs. pasture raised

Food Republic ~ A new rating system for buying Italian wine… Slow Wine Launches New Guide In English

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