Food Photography and … Marijuana for Dinner

0 Posted by - aprile 26, 2012 - Gorgelous Weekly
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The Weekly Roundup On Tasty News From Around The World.

What we are reading: Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year is the first ever international competition celebrating the art of food photography ~ When the star of the meal is marijuana, but it’s the aftermath of this secret dinner that might surprise you! ~ She began to cook with her mother Linda. Now, in her new vegetarian cookbook, Mary McCartney shows us that green can be gorgeous… ~ The texture of food, the crunchiness or sliminess that Asian diners love overlooked by western cooks…

The Guardian ~ Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2012 winners – in pictures

Los Ageles Times ~ A nine-course meal built around marijuana: Counter Intelligence ~ Mary McCartney

Bonappetit ~ The world’s most expensive vegetable; a glass that captures the phases of the moon

The Independent ~ More than a feeling: How to make the most of the texture of food

Bonappetit ~ Road Test: Finding the Best Camera for Food Photos

Kitchen Window : NPR ~ Rice: A Rainbow Of Possibilities

The New York Times ~ Your Privacy Is Tested With Every Click You Make

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