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What we are reading: Redzepi to demonstrate the making of a condiment similar to an ancient Roman fish sauce made with the sandfleas (?)… Temecula Sweet mandarins are a rare crop, but they’re in some stores now… The idea that you can follow a recipe to the letter and produce impeccable results is a recent one… And look what happens when an animal rights group offers a win-win-win situation for the troubled airline…

The Los Angeles Times ~ Rene Redzepi and the search for sandfleas

The Los Angeles Times ~ Market Watch: Mystique of the Temecula Sweet

The Guardian ~ The great recipe swindle

CNN Go ~ PETA campaign with Kingfisher Airlines

Bonappetit ~ 15 Best Instagram Accounts for Food-Lovers ~ Using Jelly Beans, Artist Recreates Classic Artworks

Flavorwire ~ Are These the Year’s Best Magazine Covers?

Co.Design ~ A Proposal To Give NYC Two Things It Lacks: Canals And A Waterfront Boardwalk

Truly Deeply/Madly ~ Retail Branding; Hermés and the fine art of Store Window Design

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