The Weekly Roundup On Tasty News From Around The World.

What we are reading: London is booming, with a collection of events as the Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… Italian postwar photography could get the attention it has long deserved when Christie’s holds its “Masterworks of Italian Photography 1945-1975” sale… An audacious store has launched its newest product: salt made from human tears… Is there a correlation between growing sales of Greek yogurt in the United States and the worsening Greek economic crisis?…

Travel + Leisure ~ London Insider’s Guide

The Wall Street Journal ~ Collecting: Italy’s Dolce Vita on Film at Christie’s

Huffington Post ~ Salt Made From Tears Now Available For Purchase

The New York Times ~ Nagging Questions for Madison Avenue

Food Republic ~ Crazy Statistics About Our Eating Habits ~ Gourmets favour Israel’s kibbutz caviar

Food & Think ~ The Birth of Non-Alcoholic Ketchup

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