The Weekly Roundup On Tasty News From Around The World.

What we are reading: Just what is the genesis of this metaphorical connection between meat and machismo, you ask?… Quiz time! What do Veneto (Italy), Napa (California) and the North Island of New Zealand all have in common?… Take a gastronomic tour of the United Nations…

Forbes ~ The Truth Of Why “Manly” Men Order Steak, And “Wimps” Order Salad

Food Republic ~ Blowing Up Right Now: Volcanic Wines

Eatocracy ~ From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: Cooking through the United Nations

The Salt ~ Tiny Ovens For Tots: A Kitchen Evolution

Design TAXI ~ Designers Create LEGO Product That Brings Creations To Life

The New York Times ~ 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow

The Wall Street Journal ~ What Did J.D. Salinger, Leo Tolstoy, Nikola Tesla and Sarah Bernhardt Have in Common?

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Food Meditations

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