Culinary Obsessions, Food Blogging, Fat or Fiction?

Culinary Obsessions, Food Blogging, Fat or Fiction?
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The Weekly Roundup On Tasty News From Around The World.

What we are reading: Food freaks go wild from Barcelona to Brooklyn… Six years of posting, here are six tips from The Perfect Pantry, on exploring 250+ ingredients and more cupboards secrets… Three designers have collaborated to develop an interactive website that visualizes the nutritional information of some favorite sinful treats…

Food Republic ~ The World’s Top 5 Culinary Obsessions

The Perfect Pantry® ~ Six lessons about food blogging I learned from Julia Child

DesignTAXI ~ Website Visualizes The Nutritional Information Of Sinful Unhealthy Treats

Co.Exist ~ Karma Kitchen: A Donation-Based Restaurant Run By Volunteers

CHOW ~ Blacked Out in Tokyo: Richie Nakano’s Japan Chronicles, Part 1

Gawker ~ Einstein Would Have Been a Great Ad Guy, Says Ad Guy

The Daily Beast ~ Disney’s Junk Food Crackdown ~ The World’s First Completely Honest Résumé Of A Graphic Designer

Creative Review ~ I am a camera

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