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What we are reading from the archive: Cocktail ice lollies are so very now and a great new way to get your cocktail fix, so take advantage of the summer sun… Some call it the middle ground between a chicken and an egg yet Balut is a delicacy in many parts of the world… Julia Child, an American treasure who we have written about many times before, would have turned 100 years these days…

Stylist Magazine ~ Friday Night Cocktail

Food Republic ~ Video: More Than You Ever Needed To Know About Fertilized Eggs

Food & Think ~ What 9 Famous Chefs and Food Writers Are Cooking to Honor Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

Advertising Age ~ Bizarre Little Baby’s Ice Cream Video Creeps Onto the Viral Chart

PSFK ~ Cut Vegetables With An Electromagnetic Laser?

Huffington Post ~ Beer Pop Recipe To Cool You Down This Summer (VIDEO)

Paris Review ~ A Partial Inventory of Gustave Flaubert’s Personal Effects

ELLE ~ Which Little Miss Are You Quiz

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