Vegetal Cities and… Ready For An Edible Condom?

Vegetal Cities and… Ready For An Edible Condom?
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The Weekly Roundup On Tasty News From Around The World.

What we are reading: Belgian architect Luc Schuiten thinks that modern society is driving itself into environmental doom… A flimsy pink sheath is laying across sand. It’s dishevelled, presumably used for its creation, as inside at the tip-end, is the white gooey unguent… Victoria Moore takes a look at the art – and science – of wine profiling, where psychology, geography and marketing flim-flam collide…

The Atlantic Cities ~ The Vegetal Cities of Luc Schuiten: A Sustainability Fantasy

Huffington Post ~ David J Constable: Is London Ready For An Edible Condom?

The Telegraph ~ Top of the list: the art of wine profiling

Saveur ~ Pairing Late Summer Fruits With Wines and Spirits

Sippity Sup ~ Alaska Seafood: Some Personal Notes

The Cut ~ Exclusive First Look: Tank Magazine’s Christian Lacroix Covers

The Telegraph ~ Royal Caribbean launches Barbie-themed cruises

TreeHugger ~ How to DIY Adorable Snail Shell Miniature Gardens

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