Addictive Food, Beer, Color. Che forma ha il gusto?

0 Posted by - marzo 1, 2013 - Gorgelous Weekly
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Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading.

The Intersection of Color Design and… Beer and the curse of the designer: You sit at the bar with your favorite brew after a long day at the studio, suddenly you start wondering what the C, M, Y and K numbers are of this particular beer… | Core77

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. Fighting for “stomach share”, the amount of digestive space that a company’s brand can grab from the competition… |

Mostra Mart Rovereto food design Progetto Cibo – Che forma ha il gusto. L’arte della progettazione industriale e del design sperimentale applicata all’alimentazione… |

Slideshow: Is This The Most Innovative Caterer In America? Imagine stepping into a party and seeing hors d’oeuvres attached to balloons hanging in mid-air… | Food Republic

Foodie Media 101: Eat all about it. Every Monday night at 7, Japanese TV viewers are treated to the sight of comedians being locked inside a fast-food restaurant… | The Japan Times

MyPlate icon coming to recipe sites, which one “aligns with the dietary guidelines” of MyPlate and get the seal of approval?… | MNN – Mother Nature Network

I survived the deadliest meal in the world. The symptoms begin after a few minutes. First comes a tingling in the lips and tongue… | The Guardian

Billboard Generates Drinking Water Out of Thin Air in Desert of Peru, interesting second act as a prototype for a rain catchment system… | Adweek

5 ridiculously expensive restaurant menu items, a $2,300 hot dog, $25,000 frozen hot chocolate, and… | The Week

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ” ~Oscar Wilde

Delightfully yours,

Orsola Ciriello Kogan @ Food Meditations