Otto persone a sera, che mangiano con i sensi. Ogni portata diventa un’immagine interattiva che mescola suoni luci colori profumi e sapori. Intitolato Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting, il collettivo spiega che quando un piatto viene portato in tavola, l’universo e la storia che racconta si amplificano e si diffondono nell’ambiente mescolandosi ad elementi creativi che nascono in un altro piatto. Un uccello o una farfalla si posa su un ramo di un albero nato dall’altra parte del tavolo.

Un progetto firmato Teamlab

The exclusive eatery allows just eight customers a day, who will now immerse themselves in an interactive dining experience. The multi-sensory event draws on taste, smell, and the beauty of Japan as an ever-changing table bounces with imagery created especially for each course. The walls and table fill with teamLab’s digital images, created to immerse each diner in a unique world. Titled Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting, the collective explains that “when a dish is placed on the table, the scenic world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space. For example, a bird painted on a ceramic dish is released from the dish and can perch on the branch of a tree that has been unleashed from a different dish.”


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