Trendyssimo: Beluga Lentils and Time Travel

Trendyssimo: Beluga Lentils and Time Travel

Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading on…



Clever concepts and eccentric still life scenes… Still Life Food Art by Sonia Rentsch | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine

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A playful creepy set of antique-style china exquisitely painted, looks like it’s being invaded by an army of ants… Hand-Painted Ants by Evelyn Bracklow | DeMilked


The ‘superfoods’ we can expect to see gracing menus, supermarkets, health food stores and dinner tables… The superfoods set to be the flavour of 2014 |


Cofounder of Noma and self-proclaimed champion of new Nordic cuisine expands his culinary domain in Copenhagen… Claus Meyer’s Food Empire |

Chefs nationwide are topping traditional restaurant fare with their new favorite ingredient… No. 1 food trend for restaurants in 2014: Eggs | Appetizers Blog – The Sacramento Bee



Gli scaffali delle farmacie e dei supermercati ne sono pieni: ma i latti per la prima infanzia, servono davvero al benessere dei più piccoli? No… Il latte di accrescimento serve davvero? | Benessere – D – la Repubblica



It’s possible to let passengers board trains through separate cars that latch on, but who will take the risk to make it happen? This High-Speed Train Picks Up Passengers Without Having to Stop | Innovations –

When life is stripped down to man versus the most brutal elements, bring plenty of snacks… Think You’re Cold And Hungry? Try Eating In Antarctica | The Salt : NPR

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant.” ~Horace

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Eating Insects and Coca Cola Life

Eating Insects and Coca Cola Life

Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading on…


A video created as a response to the latest United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization proposal promoting Entamophagy… Eating Insects and Food Security? A Cautionary Tale by Vidhi Goel | Products of Design

Can a vibrating fork really help you lose weight? HAPIfork Review: Digital Utensil Tracks and Sets a User’s Eating Pace |

Novato art gallery’s main dish is food. Super Fresh, opened in April 2012, is a unique art gallery that focuses on work exploring contemporary food culture… | SFGate

La storia di un mondo fatto di pasta, zucchero ed emozioni… Let It Dough! | PICAME


From Per Se to Shake Shack, new paths to innovative dining in New York City… 2004, the Year That Changed How We Dine |


Is this new product a well-meaning attempt to help slim down waistlines, however, or a sign of ongoing trouble for the soda industry? Coke Is Introducing A New Product. Will It Help Revive The Soda Industry? | Food Republic


Harley Pasternak: 6 Superfoods to Kick-Start Your New Year. Healthy Foods for New Year’s Resolutions… |


Perfect children, perfect vacations, perfect meals — it’s enough to make a follower gaze with longing… The Agony of Instagram |

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~Ansel Adams

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Chef Holograms and Hair Dryer Cooking

Chef Holograms and Hair Dryer Cooking

Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading on…

Food Writers and Experts on the Untold Stories of 2013, an ongoing series of year-end surveys, industry experts, seasoned diners, and friends of the site address the untold stories of 2013… |


Chef holograms and tattooed fruit: The future of food? It’s not just purely purchasing that’s changing, also production and food technology is developing rapidly, alongside packaging, branding… BBC Food

In order to stay on top of everything that’s going on in the delicious realm of gastronomy… Top Chefs On 2014 Food Trends | Forbes

Ready for a blowout: Blasting a duck with the dryer before roasting dehydrates the flesh so the skin gets firm, crispy… Hair Dryer Cooking: From S’mores To Crispy Duck | The Salt : NPR

Food and Drink Trends for 2014, [and The Rise of Posh Chicken]… |

It’s hard to predict what will come next — food trends come and go like pop songs — experts seem to agree that 2014 could be a terrifying year for disgusting food trends | The Week


When it comes to working out, millennials are experts… Work Off Holiday Weight Gain Without Dieting |

To those on allergy-free diets: A larger number of popular, nutrient-dense foods may be available than you think… Subverting Your Food Allergy | Nutrition –

Hungover? There, There…Try Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver And Gordon Ramsay’s Head-Easing Recipes |

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
~Alfred Tennyson

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Holiday Feasts and The Myth Of Moderation

Holiday Feasts and The Myth Of Moderation

Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading on…


A Holiday Feast of Beasts. Sam Sifton provides recipes and video guides for five protein-heavy main courses… |



One year’s big-ticket item in Copenhagen may be all the rage in Chicago or Portland the next… Food & Drink Trend Predictions for 2014 | Details



Sampling coffee side by side and drawing out specific flavor profiles… Check Out This Coffee Flavor Wheel, So You Know Your Leather From Your Plum | Food Republic

Are You Drinking Too Much? The Myth Of Moderation. It’s easier to solve a trigonometry problem in your head than to get a straight answer about how much we should be drinking each day… | Forbes


Pour Vanity Fair, nous avons eu envie de proposer à cette nouvelle génération de chefs de réinventer des recettes historiques… à leur sauce. Le chou farci d’Andy Warhol, par James Henry | Vanity Fair


Take another look at that food label. An ingredient or two may have vanished… Food ingredients shift as consumers push for change | NBC

We’ve long known that the fish we eat are exposed to toxic chemicals in the rivers, bays and oceans… How Plastic In The Ocean Is Contaminating Your Seafood | The Salt : NPR

Check Out This Healthy Eats Vending Machine Fashioned from reclaimed barn wood and accompanied by recycling bins for the empty plastic food containers… | Food Republic

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” ~Nelson Mandela

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Meat, Booze and La Gastronomie Interdite

Meat, Booze and La Gastronomie Interdite

Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading…

On the menu


Plating is now as much a reflection of a chef’s craftsmanship as is the cooking itself… The Ceramic Canvas |

Meat And Booze With A Side Of Still Life: Food as a symbol of politics, diet, gender roles, technology, isolation, gluttony and… American Painters On Food | The Salt : NPR

As anyone who grew up playing Burger Time, Super Mario Bros., or Legend of Zelda knows: video games are all about food… The Woman Who Cooks Food from Video Games |



Un guide gastronomique québécois lance une campagne classée X pour ses dix-huit ans… La gastronomie interdite aux mineurs | Obsession

Creative notes


Attention visual learners! Here’s A Cookbook With Cleverly Illustrated Recipes | Food Republic

Helping people find their way through philosophical (cooking) puzzles… Meet the gastronomic innovators helping Ferran Adrià disrupt the kitchen | (Wired UK)

Food for thought

Specific plate shape and colour interact to influence taste perception, researchers have found… White round plates: Does food taste better on them? BBC Food

Il ristorante dove paghi la metà (se spegni lo smartphone). Pranzo e cena a metà prezzo in un locale a Gerusalemme, dove l’unico requisito è quello di spegnere il cellulare… | Panorama

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ~Plato

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Orsola Ciriello Kogan @ Food Meditations

Ladies and Gentlemen Dinner Is Printed!

Ladies and Gentlemen Dinner Is Printed!

Our weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading on…



There’s an abundance of still life food photography today, and most of it makes ordinary food look like works of art… Jan Kornstaedt’s Food Photography | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge,” said Pablo Picasso. It would seem the full potential of a work sometimes only emerges through the process of its destruction… Homebrew Chemical Cocktail Gives Spooky New Life to Old, Forgotten Negatives |

Travel bites

The Feast of Seven Fishes, or the Festa dei Sette Pesci, is the traditional dinner that many southern Italian and Italian-American families will sit down to this Christmas Eve… Get schooled on the Feast of Seven Fishes | Eatocracy – Blogs

On the menu


Will 3-D printing save the world? Bring in the apocalypse? Or is it just a gadget that spits out cheap plastic trinkets? An investigation… Dinner Is Printed |



Krug has created a device that amplifies the symphony of popping in a glass of their Grand Cuvée… Champagne Brand Lets Drinkers Listen To Their Fizzing Bubbles | PSFK

Attention pub quizzers and booze geeks. There’s a brand of one particular spirit that sells more than twice as much as any other in the world… Soju: the most popular booze in the world | Life and style |

Chocolate notes


Look away now! Scientists have found that even the sight of cake or chocolate is enough to trigger the pleasure centre of the brain… Can’t resist chocolate cake? Blame your brain | Telegraph

Food for thought

Kitchen anxiety: no two ways about it, those biscuits are not going to taste good… How stress affects your food: from distorted tastes to comfort eating | Life and style |

Good nutrition can be especially elusive during the holidays, but the best lessons haven’t changed much since your childhood — whenever that was… Dietary Advice for the Gluttony Season |

Simply swallowing a pill or consuming a drink made from powders does not provide us with the abundance of nutrients (or fiber!) that real food does… Do We Still Need Food? | Care2 Healthy Living

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charmimg at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” ~Coco Chanel

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