6th sense Tallinn Workshop

6th sense Tallinn Workshop


I’ve been working at the Design Center in Tallinn, Estonia, for a 6 hours long gorgelous workshop about senses and their application to design and retail. 17 creative directors and a client who played with senses focusing on his business. The workshop organized by the Estonian Creative Club has been intense, creative and fertile in terms of ideas.Key words: clear ideas, simplicity, good taste and a wide space among us.

Gorgelous workshop 6th Sense a Tallinn, Estonia.  5 sensi e la loro applicazione al design e al retail a Tallinn in Estonia, al Design Center. Il Workshop è stato organizzato dall’Art Directors Club Estone. 17 direttori creativi e un cliente che si è ritrovato a giocare con i sensi cercando di ripensare il suo business. Sei lunghe ore piene di idee e di lavoro intenso. Parole chiave? Semplicità, idee chiare, grande gusto e un grande spazio di rispetto.

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Meet the new meat. A Ted talk.

Meet the new meat. A Ted talk.


“The world faces critical food shortages in the near future as demand for meat is expected to increase by more than two-thirds, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.” writes Mark Post on his site

Cultured Beef.

Cultured beef represents the crucial first step in finding a sustainable alternative to meat production.

“This hamburger contains 60 billion cells. Now, that’s a lot. You need to culture a lot of cells. You need to somehow find a way to do that efficiently because, remember, we have to be more efficient than the cow or the pig…

It has to be efficient and it has to also be meat. Not some kind of substitute. We have more than enough substitutes from vegetable proteins. It needs really to be meat. Nothing less, nothing more…

It takes about 7-8 weeks to grow a muscle fiber, and so, also 7-8 weeks to grow a hamburger. You could do it at home if you like … If you have the right materials, it’s very, very easy to do. And in fact [the] stem cells … they survive freeze-drying, so you could envision that over the Internet we would eventually sell little, sort of, tea bags of stem cells — from tuna, from tiger, from cows, from pigs, from whatever animal you could imagine. Then, in the comfort of your own kitchen, you could grow your own tissue. You would have to know what you want to eat 8 weeks in advance — because it takes a while.”

For more about Cultured Beef, watch Professor Post’s TEDx talk, or take a look at the website.

Design by happiness. Stefan Sagmeister.

Design by happiness. Stefan Sagmeister.

Dear Stefan, when you started your talk in Barcelona and you asked how much happy we were, I was feeling very happy. Because I was there, you were there, we had a very good Adce board meeting and very nice time and discussions in our jury Integration & Innovation. Because outside it was raining while you were enlightening our minds. When you asked that, with no doubt I felt I was at level 10.

But after some time, looking at your The happy film, I started to feel unease, because I probably could never have a sabbatical every seven years, because those marvelous image of sugar and coffee jumping out of their cups while writing Now is better ( here Sag1  and Sag2 ) were so far from my possibility as a designer, because the love you found in a person was something I’m not living at all. And if for me the glass is always full, yesterday cracked in front of that amount of happiness.

But I assure you that (as I told in my public talk with Amir Kassaei) if Innovation is being able to open a brand new file in my mind, a file that will change my way of thinking, my way of working and my way of behaving, you managed with your words to install that file, and my head is now scared of new possibilities. And maybe not really happy in that moment but willing to spend time in doing what I really like, following desire and passion.



Contributors with a slashing wit

Contributors with a slashing wit

Gorgelous Mag è arte e buon design, usa il cibo come scusa per parlare di cose belle. Nato nel 2010 come luogo del piacere, è stato un mix di esperienze molto personali, gusto per la scrittura, passione per il food, per la cucina, per il vino, per la fotografia, per il design e soprattutto per le cose belle. Adesso Gorgelous si avvale del contributo di altri talenti, uniti dallo spirito leggero di un’insanabile curiosità e dal piacere di lavorare insieme. Stiamo cercando nuovi contributor. Se volete scrivere di arte, design, food sempre con un approccio inconsueto e spirito pungente, scrivete a gorgelous@gorgelous.com.

Gorgelous Mag is art and good design, with food as a fil rouge. Born as the place for pleasure in 2010, started as a mix of personal experiences, passion for writing, food, design, and visual arts. We share the same curiosity, and the pleasure of working together. We are now searching new contributors. If you want to share our gorgelous life, to write about ideas, beauty, design, art or any kind of oddity and curiosity, join us writing to gorgelous@gorgelous.com.


When life sprouts in colors. Lar Doce Lar.

When life sprouts in colors. Lar Doce Lar.

LarDoceLar ante

Lar Doce Lar means Home Sweet Home and it’s a project born from the partnership between multidisciplinary design firm Rosenbaum and TV producer Luciano Huck and had the objective of turning poor Brazilian homes into new design spaces, through an extreme makeover with a recycling approach. What we really like of this project is the versatile and diversity of the project which uses a bright approach to dull reality, very brazilian in terms of colors, creativity and ideas.



Lar Doce Lar significa Casa Dolce Casa ed è un progetto nato dalla partnership fra lo studio di design multidisciplinary Rosenbaum e il TV producer Luciano Huck con l’obiettivo di riconvertire alcune case brasiliane poverissime in spazi coloratissimi e di design, riciclando oggetti quotidiani, tipo mestoli che diventano vasi di fiori. Bella la versalità di quest progetto che è una sorta di trionfo del design democratico. Approccio molto brasiliano in termini di colori, idea e  creatività.



Gorgelous Interview. Lele Panzeri.

Gorgelous Interview. Lele Panzeri.


Due righe di biografia

Sono nato piccolo, ma poi sono cresciuto.
 Da piccolo ero timido, schivo, malmostoso.
 Da grande sono cialtrone, vanesio ed egocentrico. 
Ho un carattere spiccatamente femminile ma adoro le donne e mi fanno schifo i maschi.
 Ergo: sono lesbico.

I was born small, but then I grew up. As a child I was shy, bashful, intractable. As an adult informal, vain and self-centered. I have a distinctly feminine character but I love women and don’t like males. Ergo: I am lesbian.


Gorgelous Project

Il Partito Nasista Italiano. 
I componenti del PNI si dotavano di grandi bolli rossi autoadesivi e “nasificavano” i manifesti elettorali. 
Fondato negli anni novanta ha contribuito notevolmente alla scomparsa della faccia di Berlusconi dai manifesti con gran giovamento del paesaggio urbano.

The Nosist Italian Party. The members of the NIP had large red stickers and “put red noses” onto election posters. Founded in the nineties it has contributed in a way to the demise of Berlusconi’s face from the posters with great pleasure of the urban landscape.


Gorgelous Place

Le Porge Plage. 
Insignificante spiaggia vicino a un insignificante paesino francese nei pressi di Bordeaux. 
Ho vissuto lì, tardi anni sessanta, la settimana più psichedelica della mia vita senza peraltro assumere additivi.
 Ho mangiato un pollo crudo. 
Ho scassinato un emporio. 
Ho praticato il nudismo insieme a una dozzina di amici e amiche.
 Ho visto Dio, o qualcosa che gli assomigliava molto. 
Ho costruito un coccodrillo di sabbia lungo una trentina di metri.

Le Porge Plage. Insignificant beach near an insignificant village in France near Bordeaux. I lived there, late sixties, the most psychedelic week of my life without taking additives. I ate a raw chicken. I broke into a convenience store. I practiced nudism along with a dozen friends and girlfriends. I have seen God, or something that looked like a lot. I built a sand crocodile along a hundred feet.

Gorgelous Artistic Experience

Sempre negli anni sessanta sono capitato assolutamente per caso in un locale a Milano dove suonava Jimi Hendrix nella sua unica tourné italiana.
 Non sapevo neanche chi fosse.
 Ero in prima fila, in piedi appiccicato al palco. 
Jimi sudava molto e mi battezzava ad ogni movimento.
 Da allora non mi sono più lavato.


In the Sixties I found myself quite by chance in a place in Milan, where Jimi Hendrix was playing in his Italian tour. I did not even know who he was. I was in the front row, standing glued to the stage. Jimi was sweating a lot and baptized me several times that night. Since then, I haven’t taken a shower any more.

Gorgelous Encounter

Newport 1980.
 Sul molo di fianco a una barca italiana che si era ben distinta nella Ostar. 
Passa Eric Tabarly, mi scambia per lo skipper, mi stringe vigorosamente la mano dicendo: “Vous italiens, quand vous etes beaucoup c’est la merde, quand vous etes tout seuls, c’est génial!”.


Newport 1980. On the pier next to an Italian boat that stood out in the Ostar. Walking on the pier Eric Tabarly, believing I was the skipper of that boat me shook my hand vigorously, saying “Vous italiens, quand vous etes beaucoup c’est la merde, quand vous etes tout seuls, c’est génial!”.


Gorgelous Taste

Parmigiano Reggiano a pezzi dopo aver mangiato una scatola di Mental.

Parmigiano Reggiano in pieces after eating a box of Mental.


Gorgelous Memory

L’avvistamento delle Azzorre dopo dieci giorni e dieci notti di burrasca.

The sighting of the Azores after ten days and ten nights of storm.


Gorgelous Moment

In coda in tangenziale tutte le mattine.
 Il corpo agisce da solo, automaticamente. 
La mente è libera di vagare dove vuole.

In my car on the Tangenziale of Milan every morning, in a row. The body acts alone, automatically. The mind is free to roam wherever it wants.

Gorgelous Dream

Rinascere e rivivere esattamente la stessa vita, ma col cervello di adesso.

Reborn and live exactly the same life, but with the brain I have now.

This is Gorgelous!
 (Quello che ha fatto qualcun altro ma avresti voluto aver fatto tu.)

Le teste di Modigliani.


Modigliani’s heads.

Very personal

Colmo dell’egocentrismo: vorrei tanto vedere il mio funerale.

Hum egocentrism: I’d love to see my funeral.