Dear Stefan, when you started your talk in Barcelona and you asked how much happy we were, I was feeling very happy. Because I was there, you were there, we had a very good Adce board meeting and very nice time and discussions in our jury Integration & Innovation. Because outside it was raining while you were enlightening our minds. When you asked that, with no doubt I felt I was at level 10.

But after some time, looking at your The happy film, I started to feel unease, because I probably could never have a sabbatical every seven years, because those marvelous image of sugar and coffee jumping out of their cups while writing Now is better ( here Sag1  and Sag2 ) were so far from my possibility as a designer, because the love you found in a person was something I’m not living at all. And if for me the glass is always full, yesterday cracked in front of that amount of happiness.

But I assure you that (as I told in my public talk with Amir Kassaei) if Innovation is being able to open a brand new file in my mind, a file that will change my way of thinking, my way of working and my way of behaving, you managed with your words to install that file, and my head is now scared of new possibilities. And maybe not really happy in that moment but willing to spend time in doing what I really like, following desire and passion.