8-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x600 10-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x598 11-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x600 24-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x600 7-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x599 19-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x600 17-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x600 15-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x601 12-Golf-balls-by-James-Friedman-600x600GORGELOUS TRENDS BY HoOoK

from his site:

Interior Design

Curiosity led me to cut my collection of golf balls in half to see what the cores looked like. To my surprise, what I found inside inspired me to consider that I could discover, in the unlikeliest of places, elegant formal qualities and surprising metaphorical possibilities. Interior Design has moved me to be enthusiastic about abstraction, an exciting corollary to my work as a documentary photographer.

Incidentally, I do not play golf.