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g Soft_Light_1

Designing a lamp, that is altered completely in its functionality only through its untypical and odd surface… Soft light | iGNANT

Experimental, contemporary and sleek… Introducing The Ladies & Gentlemen Studio | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine

Donuts, peanuts, a petrol station egg sandwich? All washed down with cupfuls of coffee? Hungry detectives: Why crime novelists write about food | BBC Food


Slowly but surely, women are making their way into haute cuisine kitchens around the world to turn up the heat… Women heat up the kitchen | iafrica.com

g at home

London-based product designer David Steiner And His Domestic Factory, feels better at home… | Yatzer

Travel bites

Did your mother prepare you lunchboxes when you were in primary school? 10 Most Creative Lunchbox With Cartoon Characters | themost10.com

Sprayable energy, Sprayable caffeine for when coffee’s too difficult | grist.org

Supermarkets in China present you the fashion of napkins and paper towels… | offbeatchina.tumblr.com



Naturally Clicquot, when ecodesign is trendy | on youtube.com

Mark Your Drink, Be Dapper With Mustache Drink Markers | Foodiggity.com

By Design | The Kitchen Apron Gets a Stylish Upgrade – The upstart company Hedley & Bennett is outfitting L.A.’s top chefs (and other leading creative professionals) with smart new smocks… | NYTimes.com

Healthy note

Wouldn’t it be grand (and delicious) if we could boost our brain power with a daily dose of chocolate? Can Chocolate Boost Brain Health? Don’t Binge Just Yet | The Salt : NPR

Food for thought

A WWII Propaganda Campaign Popularized the Myth That Carrots Help You See in the Dark | blogs.smithsonianmag.com

“In a lot of modern novels, it’s difficult to write about sex without it becoming pornographic or just cliched, but you can do food” ~Barry Forshaw

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