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Life and style on the menu

Tout est bon dans le cochon. Une ode à la charcuterie pluridisciplinaire et collective sur le thème du cochon… | Obsession


Hopping between their kitchens and the cameras… Jam in crisis? The end of the British breakfast as we know it? … Not likely | theguardian.com… and Leave the great British breakfast alone | Telegraph

The culinary stars of the moment are spending their time tinkering with recipes for fried things and sandwiches… The Upper Crust: Paris’s New Casual Eats | WSJ.com

Qualcuno la definirebbe una questione di mode, qualcun altro semplicemente la naturale evoluzione della storia dell’uomo… I 10 cibi che mangeremo nel futuro | VanityFair.it


Pérez has a knack for seeing the objects as something different in a tiny imaginary world… Imaginative Photographs That Mix Ordinary Objects and Simple Sketches | petapixel.com

Have you heard? There’s a new kid on the block… Gertrude Art Salons | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine

Stately Sandwiches. In the process of making a sandwich for each of the 50 states… | statelysandwiches.com

Bem Legaus!: Nada como uma ideia divertida para transformar um simples bloco de nota em objeto de desejo!… Salame de notas | bemlegaus.com

DWAWINGSFood for thought

Sure, coffee gives energy, but how much does it use?… What Is Coffee’s Carbon Footprint? | Serious Eats: Drinks

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein

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