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On the menu

Test Kitchen and Cooking Tips to achieve gratin greatness, basting n carving the turkey… 10 Essential Thanksgiving Techniques | Bon Appétit

How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey: buying, brining, salting, roasting | Eatocracy – CNN.com Blogs

For an island nation, Britons are still very squeamish about fish, particularly those bits that other cultures regard as delicacies… Forget fillets – try fish heads and sperm instead | Life and style | The Guardian

Travel bites

Seafood foraging, a day off England’s Dorset coast… Into the Wild: Foraging off England’s Coast | WSJ.com

New Yorkers will never stop arguing about where you can find the best slice of pizza…. By the Slice: Celebrities, Chefs, and Vogue Editors Share Where to Get Their Favorite Pizza | vogue.com

DIY – Do it yourself!


4 DIY Beauty Tips. Four beauty recipes that you’d have to try at home… | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine
Do you love the idea of growing your own vegetables and herbs but are slightly intimidated… Nourishmat: Growing Your Own Food Just Got Super Easy | Design Milk
Visual notes

g-3d-food640A combination of scans, special digital files and machines that extrude materials into complex forms might just make… Futuristic Food: Edible Wonders of the 3D-Printed Revolution | Urbanist

“The greatest difficulty in the world is not for people to accept new ideas, but to make them forget old ideas.” ~Tom Peters

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