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Food Writers and Experts on the Untold Stories of 2013, an ongoing series of year-end surveys, industry experts, seasoned diners, and friends of the site address the untold stories of 2013… | eater.com


Chef holograms and tattooed fruit: The future of food? It’s not just purely purchasing that’s changing, also production and food technology is developing rapidly, alongside packaging, branding… BBC Food

In order to stay on top of everything that’s going on in the delicious realm of gastronomy… Top Chefs On 2014 Food Trends | Forbes

Ready for a blowout: Blasting a duck with the dryer before roasting dehydrates the flesh so the skin gets firm, crispy… Hair Dryer Cooking: From S’mores To Crispy Duck | The Salt : NPR

Food and Drink Trends for 2014, [and The Rise of Posh Chicken]… | finedininglovers.com

It’s hard to predict what will come next — food trends come and go like pop songs — experts seem to agree that 2014 could be a terrifying year for disgusting food trends | The Week


When it comes to working out, millennials are experts… Work Off Holiday Weight Gain Without Dieting | mashable.com

To those on allergy-free diets: A larger number of popular, nutrient-dense foods may be available than you think… Subverting Your Food Allergy | Nutrition – OutsideOnline.com

Hungover? There, There…Try Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver And Gordon Ramsay’s Head-Easing Recipes | graziadaily.co.uk

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