Farina per fare arte? L’effimero per eccellenza. Basta un soffio di vento e l’opera si dissolve. Come il dessert di ghiaccio secco di Ferran Adrià che se non ti sbrighi sparisce prima di entrare in bocca. Due installazioni di David Meyer dove parole di farina si ripetono in cerchi concentrici a significare la monotonia della lingua, forme di farina che nel relazionarsi alle forme che le circondano creano uno stato di sospensione del giudizio, il dubbio che si insinua.

26_imp2 26_imp3 26_imp4 26_imp5 26_imp6Imposed Order, 2006

The piece is composed of three words that are repeated continuously throughout the concentric circular paths. As the circles enlarge so does the monotony of the language. The words are created on site solely from flour, which has been sifted into piles to form each letter. The scale and physicality of the piles of text are designed to create an illusion of permanence, in the same way that the mental action or process of language has the ability to create a solid from nothing.





Separated by Sight 2007

is an installation of unique forms scattered throughout an interior space. Each form is a derivative of a photo-based image of something that existed and consists entirely of small piles of flour grouped together. The thousands of piles of flour contained within each of the forms vary in size and are based on the tonality of the original image. While other obscure forms create a state of doubt, the defined nature of certain forms provides a lucid moment of recognition that questions the relationship to the surrounding forms.