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There are three keys to making a sensuous cocktail: First, it should look bright, attractive, sleek, or… Top 5 Sexiest Cocktails | Epicurious.com


Why put the place on the label instead of the name of the grape? A Beginner’s Guide to French Wine | Serious Eats: Drinks


Break out the tray tables: Ed Sullivan’s on! In 1954, its first year of production, Swanson sold 10 million of its trademarked TV dinners… How we ate in 1964 | bonappetit.com


Food Issue Extra Helpings: some legends have been floating around for centuries suggesting that certain foods have supernatural powers… Very Superstitious: Do certain foods have supernatural powers? | The Austin Chronicle

A place to meditate on freedom, and the creative life that followed… 52 Places to Go in 2014 | NYTimes.com



Vibrant, energetic and bold, celebrating the wondrous varieties of fruit… Fruit’ posters by Chris Dina | Trendland


Sensitive Science « Seamless Blossom » is an interactive installation made without electronics, sensors or computer control but working only on air pressure. Blossom | trendtablet.com


Juice detoxes have become increasingly popular, with celebrities photographed sipping on them regularly, the question is… Do juice detoxes really work? smh.com.au


Why Some Olympians Load Up On Salad Instead Of Pasta. The Strategies depend a lot on the demands of the sport… | The Salt : NPR

“I love the Olympics, because they enable people from all over the world to come together and, regardless of their political or cultural differences, accuse each other of cheating.” ~Dave Barry, Boogers Are My Beat: More Lies, But Some Actual Journalism!

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