La frutta diventa contenitore. Prima li hanno chiamati Fruit Ninja poi per non far confusione col gioco hanno cambiato nome alla collezione. Due giovani designer che vengono da Melbourne.Riproduzioni in resina di modelli realizzati da bucce di frutti, Arancio, Avocado, Banana, Rock Melon, Ananas

fruit-wares bon pineapple jellies orange bamboo colors banana nuts black orchidea
Fruit Wares (previously called Fruit Ninja) is a homewares collection designed by Mathery and handmade in Melbourne.
The collection transforms the fruit peel’s short term function as a natural container into a long-life one.
The vessels explore and reintroduce the natural textures of the fruit, every object is a unique resin reproduction of a model realised from fruit peels. Fruit was carefully selected among dozens of fruit markets and minutely cut into geometric shapes then reassembled as objects.
May we introduce the Orange Jar, Avocado Vase, Banana Bowl, Rock Melon Coasters and Pineapple Punch Bowl.