g-top-10-healthy-foods-fridOur weekly roundup on tasty news from around the world and here’s what we are reading…



Move over apples and pears, the new body shapes are aubergines, parsnips… New fruit and veg style guide for men at Debenhams’ flagship Oxford Street store via London Evening Standard

So what should never miss from our shopping list? Here you will find a short list of what we think is essential for a healthy-balanced-fitness-yogi… Top 10 healthy foods to have in your fridge via Swide


The Problem with Food Porn Tourism. By the time you share the gourmet delight with the world, the food is cold, and the chef is grumpy… via The Daily Beast


A humor article turned it into a cliché-filled reality that will either have you laughing or crying… or both… Humor: Hilariously Accurate Generic Brand Video Put Together from Stock Video Clips via petapixel.com


Spring is here… Love is in the air… And with love comes sharing… Sharing Food is a Great Conversation Starter via Design Milk


“It’s like the quest to create a new smartphone, but in food”… A Real Treat or Half-Baked? via NYTimes.com


Everyday foods you didn’t think were healthy (but actually are), and some splurges without guil… 12 ‘Unhealthy’ Foods Nutritionists Eat via TIME.com

Nutrition history is riddled with nonsense… Top 5 Contenders For The Worst Nutrition Advice in History via authoritynutrition.com

“Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.” ~ Lewis Carroll

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