by Marco Ambrosi

In Verona, where I live, there’s a certain cultural movement: several groups of young self-entrepreneurs try new ways to generate economies based on principles like sustainability, mutual support, hybridization, intercultural exchange.

Among these, one of the most interesting is certainly Diplomart, a group of seven persons, which mission is “managing the exchange between artists from East and West, North and South, we bridge the distance and enter in a dialogue that is both artistic and educational-promoting and sustaining intercultural development based on mutual respect”.

Their last creature is a series of four meetings, mixing culture, food, cooking and experiences exchange called “CuCu – Cultura e Cucina – Culture and Cookery”.
In the nice spaces of Tabulè, a Lebanese restaurant held by Ibrahim Kachab, they organized four meetings with russian, lebanese, georgian and hebrew cultures.

Unfortunately I could participate in only the first evening – on may 13 – which I regret so much. Anyway it has been a rich experience for which I want to thank Ginevra Gadioli and Massimiliano Gugole from Diplomart, and then Giulia Nekorkina – who cooked for us – with Natalia Smykunova who told us lots of things about Russia and Russians.

Here’s the whole program

We had “Herrings in fur”,  Julienne of mushrooms, Borsch with garlic small bread, Beef Stroganov, Buckwheat with mushrooms, Semolina mousse and red fruits.

And here are my pictures of that amusing and interesting night.

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