SNASK have been working with the City of Malmö on the festival Malmöfestivalen for 5 years, Scandinavia’s largest city festival. This year is the 30th anniversary and SNASK decided to do something bigger and better ever done before. And what would be nicer than making the biggest poster ever made and turn it into an entire physical area? Said and done this was done during the period of final idea presented in February followed by 4 months of execution. In the end of May it was built up by hand and photographed 30 meters up in the air. In mid August the poster/area will stand on the festival for people to interact with, sit on, jump on and sleep on. It took: 900 Hours, 14 People, 175 Liters of paint, 280 Plywood Boards, 10 000 Nails

malmofestivalen2014_fixade_006 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_007 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_009 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_017 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_018 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_025 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_030 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_031 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_032