Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant asked them to make a photograph for their documentary photography special, with the theme Food. Lernert & Sander transformed unprocessed food into perfect tasty cubes of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm. I find it wonderful. Look at the colors…

Who are they?

Ever since they began collaborating in 2007, the artists and filmmakers Lernert & Sander have been known for their high-conceptual art films, eye-catching installations and keen fashion aesthetic. Driven by their cheeky sense of humour, Lernert & Sander’s simple yet stunning approach has earned the duo numerous awards, international accolades and industry-wide recognition. They live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


lernert-sander-cubes cubes-4 cubes-2 cubes-5