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It’s not exactly clear where Penne alla Vodka comes from. Some say it’s Italian… Ask The Food Lab: Does Vodka Sauce Really Need Vodka? |

The calender said that Spring was supposed to start this week… Ukens frokoster uke 12 / Week 12 in Breakfasts |

As food has become a hot topic on TV and in pop culture in general, it also seems to be more prevalent in the art world. Preview: Food Art At Next Week’s Affordable Art Fair In NYC | Food Republic

Slovenia’s wine-making heritage inspired Grom to carve grapes, intricate leaves, and winding tendrils… The Egg Artistry of Franc Grom |

Photographs by Kevin Van Aelst of common artifacts and scenes from everyday life… [food art] | Eat Me Daily

Christie’s Egg Could Sell For $45,000 a massive fossilized egg from the now-extinct Madagascar Elephant Bird… | Business Insider

Consumers are going gaga for protein as food companies race to slap the nutrient on packaging… When the Box Says ‘Protein’, Shoppers Say ‘I’ll Take It’ |

Bill Gates: Food Is Ripe for Innovation. The global population is on track to reach 9 billion by 2050. What are all those people going to eat? |

The Ultimate Skull Wedding Cake, star of the alternative wedding show… | EAT YOUR HEART OUT

Cupcake accessories… Sachiko Windbeil’s Cupcake Toppers | dessert girl

“Art is… a question mark in the minds of those who want to know what’s happening.” ~Aaron Howard

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