Waste of food around the globe has increased to worrying dimensions: According to a study, commissioned by the UN and carried out in March 2011, one third of all food products go to waste worldwide.

The series of photographs ‘One Third‘ focuses on this particular percentage. It highlights the issue of food waste through photographs and reports, which are combined to offer an insight into this phenomenon, ranging from its geo- political background and cultural history to individual consumer behaviour.




The pictures of the series ‚One Third‘ show food which is no longer edible, at various stages of decay. The products used for this study were once tasty items of food, for sale in supermarkets after being transported there from various parts of the world. ‚One Third‘ exceeds the sell by date in order to document the full dimensions of global food waste.



48Lo spreco di cibo in tutto il mondo è arrivato a dimensioni preoccupanti: secondo uno studio, commissionato dalle Nazioni Unite e realizzato nel marzo 2011, un terzo di tutti i prodotti alimentari va sprecato in tutto il mondo.

La serie di fotografie ‚One Third‘ si focalizza su questa percentuale. Le immagini della serie mostrano cibo non più commestibile, in vari stadi di decomposizione. Il forte legame del cibo con la cultura del luogo di provenienza viene evidenziato dall’accostamento del cibo decomposto a piatti e posate estremamente raffinati.



Klaus Pichler
born 1977, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Since 2005 Freelance Photographer, working for international clients and creating free projects

Photography & Concept: Klaus Pichler
Texts: Klaus Pichler, Julia Edthofer

Graphic Design: Roland Hörmann, www.phospho.at
Translations: Christiane Pichler

Scientific Advice: Dr. Michael Sauer – Department of Biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna; Martin Wildenberg – Global2000, Julia Edthofer

Conceptional Advice & Editors: Herbert Justnik, Heidrun Kubart, Clemens Marschall, Maria Lisa Pichler