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On the menu


Plating is now as much a reflection of a chef’s craftsmanship as is the cooking itself… The Ceramic Canvas | NYTimes.com

Meat And Booze With A Side Of Still Life: Food as a symbol of politics, diet, gender roles, technology, isolation, gluttony and… American Painters On Food | The Salt : NPR

As anyone who grew up playing Burger Time, Super Mario Bros., or Legend of Zelda knows: video games are all about food… The Woman Who Cooks Food from Video Games | bonappetit.com



Un guide gastronomique québécois lance une campagne classée X pour ses dix-huit ans… La gastronomie interdite aux mineurs | Obsession

Creative notes


Attention visual learners! Here’s A Cookbook With Cleverly Illustrated Recipes | Food Republic

Helping people find their way through philosophical (cooking) puzzles… Meet the gastronomic innovators helping Ferran Adrià disrupt the kitchen | (Wired UK)

Food for thought

Specific plate shape and colour interact to influence taste perception, researchers have found… White round plates: Does food taste better on them? BBC Food

Il ristorante dove paghi la metà (se spegni lo smartphone). Pranzo e cena a metà prezzo in un locale a Gerusalemme, dove l’unico requisito è quello di spegnere il cellulare… | Panorama

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ~Plato

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