To fight against food waste, Intermarché, the 3rd largest supermarkets chain in France, decided to sell (30% cheaper) the non-calibrated and imperfect fruits and vegetables: “the inglorious fruits and vegetables”.
The stores were rebranded “inglorious”, from floor to ceiling, and finally, for people to realize that they were just as good as the others, Intermarché designed and distributed inglorious vegetables soups and inglorious fruit juices.






The concept for Intermarché’s Inglorious Fruit and Vegetable campaign came from the idea that people eat with their eyes rather than their stomachs. In addition to this, 2014 was named the European year against food waste.

The idea of this campaign was to reduce food waste by promoting disfigured fruit and vegetables, that are usually thrown away, as attractive and equally nutritious as the perfect fruit and veg we expect. 300 million tons of fruit and veg are thrown away each year just because of their imperfect apperance. Intermarché came up with the idea to sell this ugly, misshapen produce at a discounted price, 30% less than normal fruit and veg. The inglorious fruit and vegetables got their own shelves, signs and prices in the Intermarche stores, just like “regular” products would.

Intermarché – Inglorious fruits and vegetables – The ugly carrot from Marcel on Vimeo.

An ugly carrot receives a motivational speech to boost his self-esteem.
A message of hope for all inglorious fruits and vegetables of the world.

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